Cosmetic Crowns & Fillings in Silver City 

Safe & Lasting Solutions for Damaged Teeth

Sherman Dental treats damaged teeth with advanced technology to create individualized and sturdy restorations. Our general dentistry offerings include cosmetic crowns and bridges to help repair compromised teeth and unsightly spaces. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure your restoration lasts. We don’t use any metal that can easily break or interfere with your health. 

Our staff members speak English and Spanish. We welcome you Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Supporting your dental health and your bright smile is our priority. 

Restoring Function & Aesthetics

Damaged teeth can prevent you from biting and chewing correctly. We can correct this with appropriate tooth restorations. Being able to use your teeth normally is important in your daily life, and we make sure that our treatment options have great longevity.

We also want you to feel confident when smiling. We focus on natural-looking tooth restorations because we believe in combining function and aesthetic to optimize your results. No matter how damaged your tooth may be, we can come up with an appropriate solution for a satisfying appearance and effectiveness, thanks to modern technology.

Contact us at (575) 888-8955 to schedule your dental crown, bridges or fillings appointment at Sherman Dental. 


Dental Crowns

Cosmetic crowns are effective replacements if you have a severely worn down or broken tooth. Dental crowns replace the visible part of the tooth above the gum line. We can place it on your natural root or a dental implant. We only use high-quality, all-ceramic materials to construct our crowns. This keeps all your teeth looking natural and minimizes the risk of allergies. 

Getting a dental crown at Sherman Dental usually requires only one visit as we deliver it the same day. 

When working with a natural tooth, we repair the damaged tooth and reshape it to properly attach the customized crown. Our same day cerec crowns are the strongest and most cosmetic crown on the market. 

If we determine additional dental work needs to be done, like a buildup, we will handle it before moving forward with the crown process. 

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth, restoring function, aesthetics, and oral health. By anchoring artificial teeth between natural teeth or dental implants, bridges fill gaps and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting. Benefits include improved chewing ability, enhanced speech, and the preservation of facial structure. Additionally, bridges contribute to a more confident smile, boosting self-esteem. They are a durable and non-removable solution, promoting long-term oral well-being with proper care and maintenance.

Dental Fillings

Porcelain and composite fillings are safe because they are mercury free. These fillings are stronger and can last several decades with proper dental hygiene and routine checkups, because they don’t risk corroding. They also match the color of your natural teeth for a cohesive and pleasing appearance. 

The process of getting a dental filling involves a thorough examination of your teeth, including digital imaging. We will remove any decay from the targeted tooth before preparing it for the filling. When we place the definitive filling, we secure it with a bonding product and high-intensity light. 

Sherman Dental creates customized crowns to restore compromised teeth. Contact us today at (575) 888-8955 to schedule an appointment.
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    • “Dr. Sherman is a solid human. And a Damn good dentist, with an always solid team around him. Is clear about any issues I’ve had and has easily explained and shown me what the issues are. Not pushy at all and has respected my input. He’s a no pain dentist as well. If he didn’t keep telling me to open my mouth wider, I’d easily fall asleep while he’s ... ”

      - Douglas H.
    • “Simply outstanding service and staff. I had a painful dental emergency over the weekend while passing through the area. Left message on a Saturday and Monday morning I was in the chair and seeing Dr. Sherman. The staff personable, compassionate to my needs and true professionals, they were able to squeeze me into the busy schedule. I even got some solid ... ”

      - Stephen G.
    • “They got me in very quickly for a crown that I had done at another place yesterday that fell off last night. Everyone was friendly, their covid precautions were both excellent and exactly what they said they would be, which I very much appreciate. He was gentle and calm, professional and explained everything very well. Everyone there was friendly, calm, ... ”

      - Brenna T.
    • “This Dental office was the 1st to offer assistance to work with the VA on the billing side of the house. All veterans know it’s a pain and a hassle. This is where all veterans in our area need to go as a 1st option. This is aside from the professional service and hospitality ////Retired Military//// ”

      - Dennis C.
    • “Reviewing my first visit with Dr. Sherman. I got an emergency appt. for a toothache and was examined and told I needed a crown. They gave me another appointment for 9 am the next morning and by 11:30 I was on my way with a new crown and no toothache. I was very pleased with Dr. Sherman and also his staff and I expect to be a regular patient there now. ”

      - Robert L.
    • “Best dental experience to date! I am new to the area and I broke a tooth. They got me in promptly and I had a permanent crown placed in just one visit! Everyone was very friendly and professional. It was a VERY pleasant experience! ”

      - Trista H.
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